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Attic Attack

8/23/2023 (Permalink)

After attic attack After attic attack

Addressing mold issues in moldy attics, crawlspaces, and confined spaces poses a significant challenge. Collaborating with industry pioneers, we have adopted an innovative strategy – the "Concrobium- Attic Attack" method – to effectively tackle these problematic zones.

Traditional approaches to remediating attics and crawlspaces involve labor-intensive and costly procedures such as sanding, scrubbing, brushing, or blasting. These methods not only demand substantial time and effort but also impact the overall profitability of the project.

Enter Attic Attack! – a groundbreaking alternative that aligns seamlessly with the established Standard of Care while delivering a range of advantages over the conventional techniques:

  1. Elimination of Sanding, Brushing, or Blasting: Our method removes the need for these time-consuming and abrasive procedures.

  2. No Requirement for Expensive Equipment: Attic Attack! doesn't rely on cumbersome machinery, reducing costs and complexities.

  3. Avoidance of Hazardous Chemicals: Our approach prioritizes safety by eschewing the use of harmful substances.

  4. Reduced Time, Labor, and Liability: Attic Attack! streamlines the process, minimizing labor requirements and associated risks.

  5. Cost-Efficiency: By sidestepping labor-intensive methods, our approach slashes costs significantly.

At the core of Attic Attack! lie two pioneering technologies:

  1. Concrobium Mold Stain Remover: A revolutionary solution that eliminates mold staining without the need for scrubbing or toxic chemicals.

  2. Concrobium Mold Control: A zero-VOC antimicrobial agent that not only remediates mold spores but also prevents their reappearance.

The Attic Attack! procedure is straightforward and aligns seamlessly with established industry protocols. After isolation and controlled ventilation, restoration experts employ Concrobium Mold Stain Remover (followed by HEPA vacuuming) to erase mold staining and physically detach mold from the substrate. As a concluding step, Concrobium Mold Control is dispersed in a fine mist to ensure the treated area is ready for post-remediation verification.

The results are nothing short of remarkable. Supported by an independent study, it has been scientifically demonstrated that Concrobium Mold Stain Remover surpasses the effectiveness of sanding techniques, all while drastically reducing labor costs.

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